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The measure varies depending on the amount of gallons of water you have in your aquarium. Depending on how dark you want it !! 


120 ML - 100 GL 
240 ML - 200 GL


There seems to be a few reasons you'd want these leaves in your aquarium:

  • Lower the pH of your aquarium water
  • Releasing tannins into your water to get a more natural brown color
  • Medicinal benefits
  • Encourage spawning


Firstly, both leaves (almond leaves and banana leaves) can be linked to reducing the pH of an aquarium's water. In fact, many of the places that tropical fish come from, such as lakes and rivers, will have overhanging trees which will drop leaves into them.


🍂Benefit of almond Leaves


🍂Increases the Inmune System of Fish.

🍂Induces Coloration.

🍂Decrease the Risk of Disease in the Aquarium.

🍂These Almond Leaves Extract have both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties for fish 

    and are able to treat a wide variety of low-grade infections.

🍂Indian Almond Leaves Can Be Used to Naturally Lower pH Level.

🍂They Contain Beneficial Tannic Acid and Tannins.

🍂They Can Help Induce Breeding/Spawning.

🍂They Offer Protection for Fry & Small Species.

🍂They’re Perfect for creating Blackwater Aquarium.

🍂Blackout Stress Reduction.

🍂Serves as an infusoria

🍂 Litter Substrate.



🍂Benefit Banana Leaves


In the water and the aquarium:

🍂Helps neutralize ammonium and ammonia

🍂Neutralizes PH

🍂Release Tannins, polyphenols and lactic Acid

🍂Gives a brown color to the water, giving it a more natural look


In Adult Fish:

🍂Increases the natural colors of fish

🍂The fins become more resistant

🍂Scales take on shine

🍂Increases appetite



During playback:

🍂Encourages breeders

🍂Serves as a hide out for females

🍂Nests have more consistency


In Alevines:

🍂Helps the formation of infusoria

🍂Serves as a hide out

🍂Accelerates metabolism and growth


In sick fish:

🍂Helps wound healing

🍂Helps in the regeneration of fins and scales

🍂Serves as anti-inflammatory

🍂Helps in the recovery of internal infectious diseases, mainly intestinal occlusion, dropsy and exophthalmia



Catappa & Banana Leaf Extract Betta Fish !

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